Your Best ROI Opportunity... 
Is With Your Employees!

Are you getting the best possible ROI on your frontline employees?

You are already making a major investment in your employees to create value for your customers and your organization…

…But are your Front-Line Managers leading your employees in a way that empowers the employees to create the most value? Are you getting the best return on your investment?

The People problem: Often Managers don’t have adequate emotional intelligence skills to navigate the difficulties of leading different types of people - especially post-pandemic

The Process problem: Do your managers have different approaches to how they lead and empower their employees to create value?

The way to get the best ROI?
Invest in your Front-Line Managers

Use a People AND Process approach to train your frontline managers to empower their employees to create customer and organizational value


Better Customer Service
From Employees that feel empowered by their managers to deliver value

Increased Innovation

When employees feel safe and trusted to share valuable "frontline" intelligence


Proactive Disaster Prevention

Driven by problem identification and unfiltered customer feedback

Dramatically increase your ROI with the Employee Experience Multiplier System

The EX Multiplier System:

Ensures that you are getting the best ROI on your frontline employee through Frontline manager training and how-to worksheet.

Targets your best opportunity to create lasting value…the 1:1 meetings between frontline managers and their employees.

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What People Are Saying

Cheryl Adas, LSSMBB

Chief Transformation Officer, CA Consulting
Former Learning Business Manager

Covid has disrupted the workplace, and this approach is fresh - it combines the best elements of People and Process, to bring out the best in all stakeholders for business clients. I like the short videos, with salient points documented and strong voice narration....Good visuals for next steps to dig deeper with teams.

Terry Callanan, PhD

President, WalkOn Consulting, LLC
Former Chief Culture and Chief Quality Officer
Carestream Health, Inc.

The training is of high quality and the message of high importance.  From a training perspective, I found myself wanting to learn more as the course progressed and looking forward to each section.

Jeff Kuzmich

Marketing Manger
Very well thought out, informative, and backed by research...Excellent delivery. 

Michael Shay

Retired, VP Quality
Certified Six Sigma Quality Leader
General Electric

Lean and industrial psychology have always been two separate fundamentals in overall business improvement. The latter is, sadly, often ignored, leading to unsustained improvements. Lean Positive has identified this shortfall, and has finally united these two in a singular solid program!