Leadership eLearning and Tools  to Dramatically Improve Employee Engagement

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Leveraging the Power of 1:1 Meetings to Drive Employee Engagement

  • Re-thinking 1:1 Meetings as a People Process 

  • Benefits of 1:1 Meetings...for Employees, Customers, and your Organization

  • Front Line Intelligence: How to get critical information that only employees can see from their unique vantage points

  • Employee Value: Learn the difference between delivering transactional value and Human Value to your employees

  • SIPOC: (Suppliers, Input, Process, Output, and Customer) How to use this process tool to give you an eagle-eye view of the 1:1 Meeting Process, including the necessary information that goes into it and what value is meant to come out of it, based on the customer’s (i.e., the employee's) needs 

  • DOWNTIME: How to use this process waste tool to identify activity in 1:1 Meetings that is a non-value add, inefficiency, or bottleneck that hinders value creation

  • Downloadable EX Multiplier Worksheet: This easy-to-use, step-by-step worksheet will walk your organization’s managers through how to plan, execute, and follow-up a 1:1 Employee Meeting to drive employee engagement, exponentially increasing employee, customer, and organizational value.


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Dramatically Improve your Employee 1:1 Meetings with our Employee Experience Multiplier Training for Managers

The EX Multiplier Training:

 Targets your best opportunity to create lasting value - 1:1 Meetings between Managers and their Employees.

 Ensures that you are getting the best Employee Experience through Manager Training and a How-To Worksheet.

What People Are Saying

Cheryl Adas, LSSMBB

Chief Transformation Officer, CA Consulting
Learning Business Manager (fmr)

This approach is fresh - it combines the best elements of People and Process, to bring out the best in all stakeholders for business clients. I like the short videos, with salient points documented and strong voice narration....Good visuals for next steps to dig deeper with teams.

Terry Callanan, PhD

President, WalkOn Consulting, LLC
Chief Culture and Chief Quality Officer (fmr)
Carestream Health, Inc.

The training is of high quality and the message of high importance.  From a training perspective, I found myself wanting to learn more as the course progressed and looking forward to each section.

Jeff Kuzmich

Marketing Manager
Very well thought out, informative, and backed by research...Excellent delivery. 

Michael Shay

VP Quality
Certified Six Sigma Quality Leader (fmr)
General Electric

Lean and industrial psychology have always been two separate fundamentals in overall business improvement. The latter is, sadly, often ignored, leading to unsustained improvements. Lean Positive has identified this shortfall, and has finally united these two in a singular solid program!