What People Are Saying... 


Jeff Kuzmich

Marketing Manger
The platform was clean, uncluttered, intuitive, and easy to use...Very well thought out, informative, and backed by research...Excellent delivery. 

Cheryl Adas, LSSMBB

Chief Transformation Officer, CA Consulting
Former Learning Business Manager

Covid has disrupted the workplace, and this approach is fresh - it combines the best elements of People and Process, to bring out the best in all stakeholders for business clients. I like the short videos, with salient points documented and strong voice narration....Good visuals for next steps to dig deeper with teams on how to apply these concepts in Lean Positive workshops.

Terry Callanan, PhD

President, WalkOn Consulting, LLC
Former Chief Culture and Chief Quality Officer
Carestream Health, Inc.

The training is of high quality and the message of high importance.  If you want to create a sustainable continuous improvement culture, the concepts of healthy motivation and human value should become part of your vernacular and focus. From a training perspective, I found myself wanting to learn more as the course progressed and looking forward to each section.

Michael Shay

Retired, VP Quality
Certified Six Sigma Quality Leader
General Electric

Lean and industrial psychology have always been two separate fundamentals in overall business improvement. The latter is, sadly, often ignored, leading to unsustained improvements. Lean Positive has identified this shortfall, and has finally united these two in a singular solid program!

Matt Jackson

Lead Planner
I like that the course is broken up into short videos. I also think the content is very relatable and something most leaders would catch on to very quickly.

Todd Reed

Professional Services Leader,
International Expense Management
Service Provider
The course is very informative and sets a framework for execution. I like that the videos were short, giving a break to digest the content, before moving on.

Scott Glassman, PsyD

Director, MS Program in Applied Positive Psychology 
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Matt is an excellent narrator, the pace is perfect, the language is clear, and concepts are easy for a broad audience. Very useful information to inform more productive, positive workplaces.

Curt Brantl

Director, Operational Excellence and Customer Experience
Emblem Health

The exceptional process improvement methodology takes a "systems" perspective that includes the process itself, the technology enabling that process, and the people physically doing the process. Lean Positive understands that a balanced approach with equal weighting to all three components is necessary for sustained improvement. Without caring for the social and emotional responses of employees, many projects will fail to provide long-term improvement and fall short of client expectations.

Raider Smith

Positive Organizational Psychology,
Claremont Graduate University
This is a meaningful course, especially for those organizations who have experienced the benefit of lean process improvement. Many organizations struggle finding a way to take those lean concepts and apply them to people issues...this course gives some insight on how that can be done.

Jerry Wagner, PhD

Culture Ambassadors LLC
 I was very impressed with the quality of the voice and visual content. It was clearly prepared by a professional teacher...Beautifully and professionally presented.

Özge Kantas, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology
St. John Fischer College
Lean Positive is a perfect blend of Lean and Positive Psychology! They did a great job by integrating different focuses of business success by merging employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction as a way of a sustainable ECOsystem. It is different than the mainstream approaches where you either have to pick your employees' side or your customers' side. You will learn how to connect dots and apply them holistically for your work processes and end-products by focusing on your leadership style and designing a better workplace.